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Shannon Garbaccio
over 2 years ago • Seattle

Bookkeeper for small business

Hi all,
After yet another tax season of pulling my hair out over my less than stellar bookkeeping skills, I am looking for a bookkeeper for my photography business. I have hesitated because I don't need a lot each month, but I need someone to help me keep organized and on top of things. If you know a great one that works with small businesses let me know - thank you!
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over 2 years ago
Mikel Samaneigo at A4A accounting is awesome. A4A stands for angels for angels. Not only does he almost make accounting fun, they speak quick books and
Some of his profits go to support kids in Central America. Give them a call.
2064077043. Tell him you used to be
In our group, good luck, dave
over 2 years ago
David Katz Of course Mikel! Thank you so much!
over 2 years ago