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Adam Doppelt
over 2 years ago • Seattle

Deliver me some yum

Here's what I've learned about delivery and takeout recently:

- How did I survive so long without weekly Eltana Bagel deliveries?
- I am now the kind of person who goes to Wendy's drive thru on the regular
- Don't bother with Din Tai Fung delivery, but take out works well
- Deep dish pizza pairs nicely with our emergency chest freezer
- Ballard delivery is still hot when it arrives in Magnolia
- Red Mill in Interbay built a takeout window

Where else should we be eating?
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over 2 years ago
Alternate bagles that we prefer: Rubinstein Bagels
over 2 years ago
NOTE: there should be a non-annoying UX flow that intercepts a URL or free-text business name and asks me if that corresponds to a formal entry in the db and if I want to leave a formal review. I'm pretty sure Facebook does that right now.
over 2 years ago
Food related changes during quarantine for me:

- Matt's in the Market supper club is great! Well priced 3 course menu delivered, and arrives ready to eat
- I've identified (and more heavily frequent) nearby drive through. Ranch Bravo is the main stop, but fast food with that option has definitely seen more of my business.
- Luc2Go has some great food and cocktail options for curbside takeout.
- Other places with increase activity from us since they started doing take out: Bar del Corso, Artusi, Cactus, Rione XIII
- Mt. Bagel is another great bagel delivery option (if you remember to get your order in between 12:00 and 12:01pm on Mondays)
see - Cactus
over 2 years ago
We are die hards for mexican. Love Azteca as well as Las Margaritas.
We also love thai...but Jamjuri on the hill is a bit far for delivery. Where north end should we be hitting up?
see - Azteca
over 2 years ago
Musashi's is great for takeout and very affordable for sushi!!
see - Musashi's
over 2 years ago
+1 for Musashi (though the location in Chinatown has downsized their portions). I'd also recommend Fremont Bowl for their chirashi bowls!
over 2 years ago
The Avocado Curry from Araya's Place is by far my favorite thing to get take out in Seattle! And if you are in to getting Breakfast take out- try any of the sandwiches from Biscuit and Bean in Ballard.
over 2 years ago
I've been trying to do low(er) carb stuff, and my go-to's have been:
- Bitterroot BBQ (pulled pork!)
- FOB Poke Bar (super fast)
- Taste of India (solid Indian food)
- Cafe Turko (new one I just tried but thought it was great)
over 2 years ago
Gonna plug my neighborhood here:
-Frank’s Oyster and champagne parlor has consistent food and outdoor seating with heaters! The food is good.
-Solare every month he does a different theme and it’s so good! Take away
-June Baby also for take away and recently it’s hot so you don’t have to warm it up
-and I’ve been indulging on Sod House Bakery scones. They are very delicious. Most their food is. It’s a problem.
over 2 years ago
Grandma‘s has home cooked meals every night for take out or delivery!
over 2 years ago
I’ll second Liz’s recommendation of Cafe Turko, my office was on the same block and we ordered lunch from there at least once a month.

I’ll also add Korean Tofu House in the U District if you’re looking for something spicy, and Monsoon for when you want to splurge:)
over 2 years ago
- Canton noodle house has been around 29 years!
- Kauai family restaurant!

I have many more suggestions but those are top two! Let me know if you’d also like suggestions on what to get at those spots.
over 2 years ago
Whoops meant 20 years ☺️
over 2 years ago
What’s the Indian place on Northgate Way at Meridian? Looove Indian food. Wish my tummy loved it as much as my tastebuds 😞
over 2 years ago
My favorite go to spot for breakfast and or lunch when building out the new American Dance Institute studio in Magnolia, was the Serendipity Café in Magnolia's Village. Just typing this and I'm pining for their grilled cheese sandwich.
over 2 years ago
Saffron grill is the Indian place in Northgate and Meridian.
over 2 years ago