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Trina Davis
7 months ago • Seattle

Heat Pump/Water Heater

Hey Seattle friends,

We're looking at replacing our electric furnace and water heaters, which are 5 years past the end of their planned life. I'm looking for good contractors who can walk us through the options, and the financial incentives, and reliably guide us through the process.

Any recommendations?

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6 months ago
We have always worked with Greenwood Heating and Plumbing, although be prepared they will (a) only sell the brands they represent and (b) typically are 15-20% more expensive than other services. The work is always good and they don't play games, but be aware that you might want to get at least one if not two other quotes in order to negotiate with them.

We have also tried Washington Energy Services and they are also ok, altho we had a few not-great interactions with techs there who were doing annual maintenance work on our tankless water heaters.
7 months ago