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Ginger Edwards
over 2 years ago • Indianapolis

I need a dog groomer in the Carmel area

I am looking for a good dog groomer in the Carmel area. Anyone know of someone who can provide a thorough bath, nail trim, and help with shedding. I have a one year old dog who can get very excited. Thanks!
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over 2 years ago
I have been taking Bella to Hot Diggity Dog Grooming in Carmel. Overall I am really happy with their work. They do an awesome job with shedding. Bella looked like she had lost 10lbs!
over 2 years ago
Furever Groomer. Maddie is sweet with Stella and is mobile, so she'll come to you. Give her a call.
over 2 years ago
My groomer (in Seattle, so not helpful for you) will also brush Cash's teeth -- a grooming task I hate to do myself. You might ask them if they do that service as well.
over 2 years ago