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Adam Doppelt
almost 4 years ago • Seattle

In search of a handyman in the Ballard / Queen Anne / Magnolia area

The last handyman I hired was a complete fail. I need a new one! I spent a few hours digging up recommendations for Ballard / Queen Anne / Magnolia (see below). I figured I’d post my list here. Does anyone have a handyman they love?

Note that these are recommendations from the neighborhood, not me.


A&R Home & Garden Services (Marcus Rash)
Just painted our fence. Great price and great job. Neighbors were impressed and also used them.

Anthony Lease
I highly recommend Anthony Lease. He gets the jobs done right! And he's up here on the hill.
Fantastic. Lives in Queen Anne and very conscientious!

Bob Jarve
He is good at both plumbing and carpentry. Easy going and dependable guy. I’ve hired him for a lot of work at my house.

Brent Rule
I am a handyman, 30 years.

Brett Johnson
We’ve used Brett before. He’s awesome and lives here in Magnolia.

Carlos Gomez
Carlos came with a helper and created a great final product for me in 2 hours. I found them to be honest, polite, considerate and appreciative of the job. They took attention to detail, even though it had to be extremely frustrating.

Charles Rodriguez
He did drywall on 3 room for me. Great job on my kitchen remodel also.
He does excellent work. He is licensed and bonded. His customer care is wonderful also.

Chris Miller
This guy’s construction company is great - he can help!

Chris Noel
He works for a company in the area and will do work on weekends or evenings. He also charges by the hour and can buy paint if needed at a discount.

Dales Helping Hands
I’ve used Dales Helping Hands in Ballard and liked them. If you have to have an electrician, definitely ask the people at Morgan’s, they have great resources. Good luck!

Gaspar Martinez
We adore our painter / handyman Gaspar Martinez. He’s thorough, reliable, and reasonably priced.

Glenn-Evans Quinones
I have used Glenn's services about 5-6 times now. He does really good work, is honest, explains everything properly and very affordable.

Gonzalo Colo
I highly recommend Gonzalo Colo at Colo Painting & Remodeling. They do large and small jobs and offer free estimates.

Jim Griener
A contractor that is owner operator and i can vouch for him.

Jimmy Carino
He painted our fence this summer and did a fantastic job. He’s reliable and fairly priced.

John Gasser
Local guy, excellent efficient job on our deck.
John says - "I have replaced a few front doors and sliding doors. I would be glad to take a look. Licensed and bonded. I live in Ballard and service Ballard and Magnolia."

Ken Narro
Ken Narro installed a garbage disposal for us two years ago. He is a handyman not a plumber.

Magnolia Handyman (Tom Anderson)
Tom Anderson. Local Magnolia guy. His contact info is at ACE hardware.
Lives in Magnolia, good friend, good worker.

Martin Johnson
We've used him numerous times. He is very careful and reasonably priced. We've always been pleased.

Matt the Handyman
I would like to give a big thumbs up for Matt the Handyman in Magnolia. I was in a big damn hurry and needed a monitor hooked up and he didn't even charge me! He's now in my contact list!

Queen Anne Handyman (David Rea)
He’s awesome! Professional & responds quickly, plus he’s a neighbor!
He's awesome and can do just about anything.

Queen Anne Home Repair (Bill Albert)
Repaired our outside railing, great job

Roberto Lopez
I do all kind of handyman jobs, call me and I'll give you a quote.

Sam Niskanen
He is pretty handy with things.

Sean Kelly
He is able to tackle any handyman project and is an outstanding and honest worker! He lives on Queen Anne.
Reliable, reasonable and very amiable.

Tom's Landscape and Irrigation
Tom does amazing work of all kinds with skill and is affordable.
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over 3 years ago
Have used The Fixit Sisters once and had a great experience!
almost 4 years ago
Wow, this is incredible! just what I want out of Fresh Chalk! Thank you!!
almost 4 years ago
Wait, what happened to the handyman service from JAS?
almost 4 years ago
Oh, JAS is great. But they are scheduling a few months out and I need something done before the storms hit in November. I tried someone else and it didn't go well...
almost 4 years ago
Update #1 - called Magnolia Handyman who said "I don't go up ladders since I broke my hip". Left messages for Fixit Sisters, John Gasser, and Dales Helping Hands. Got a call back from John Gasser and I'm meeting with him tomorrow to discuss the job.
almost 4 years ago
Update #2 - Got a call back from Dale. He's booked up for a couple of weeks but would we happy to schedule something. Said I should email him.
almost 4 years ago
WOW! Adam, this is awesome!!!! I refer out The Fixit Sisters a lot to my clients. I also recommend John Finelli (should get him a profile going here) as well as Gaspar's - they have a handyman division.
almost 4 years ago
My favorite is Matt the Handyman. Someone commented that Matt didn’t even charge them for setting up TV. Matt has a heart of gold. He’s that kind of guy.
almost 4 years ago
Update #3 - John Gasser is doing the work tomorrow. He doesn't have a ladder that tall, but he was happy to rent one for a nominal fee. Fixit Sisters were very responsive, as was Dale. I'd be happy to try either one of them next time. Thumbs up to all participants!
almost 4 years ago
I tried scheduling fixit sisters for some drywall repair and they declined for such a small job. I have booked white glove and was impressed with the owner and his estimate (he lives for small jobs that others wont do). They start next week.
almost 4 years ago