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Alice Cunningham
over 2 years ago • Seattle

Looking for help in getting iPhone and iPad links to stream to my TV?

So frustrating! Want to watch SIFF and other films from festivals, but have not been able to. Do I need an Air Play TV? Do I need a tech home visit? Any suggestions appreciated!
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over 2 years ago
Hey Alice. I have done a bit of this, though I'm not an expert. You will need AirPlay, which is built into some TVs and many other streaming devices. Easiest thing to do is get a Roku and plug it into your TV. We love our Roku and it was super cheap. It does a million things (Netflix, Prime, Disney+, HBO...), not just AirPlay. I think AirPlay works with most Roku devices, but you may want to check -

You can buy similar streaming devices from Google & Amazon, but I don't think they support AirPlay because they want you to buy Google & Amazon phones instead! :)

Good luck!
over 2 years ago
I have a roku tv and use a mac laptop, I had to buy an adapter from Apple to connect the HDMI cord from the tv outlet to the laptop and it works very well now.
over 2 years ago