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Celeste Olds
over 2 years ago • Seattle

Small business loans

Does anyone have a local bank they love that does small business loans, or have loan experience with companies like Bluevine or FundBox?

My lil business banks with BECU, who I was surprised to find only does lines of credit or Business CCs, not traditional loans.
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over 2 years ago
Beneficial State Bank.
over 2 years ago
We started our business 4 years ago with a BECU "business" account and foudn out quickly it just isn't built for business. We switched to Columbia Bank, not impressed with their technology but you can walk into a branch like the good ole days and they will know you and take care of you. I also have a SnoFalls account and cannot say enough great things about them but they are even smaller than Columbia, their loan programs are stellar!
see - Snofalls
over 2 years ago
Homestreet Bank has been wonderful for us.
over 2 years ago
Columbia Bank does a lot with small businesses. DM me if you like and I can make intros
over 2 years ago