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Gillian Muessig
over 2 years ago • Seattle

Tailor / Seamstress near West Seattle

I need to have a formal evening gown made. I've found alterations shops, but none who can sew a dress from measurements to completion.
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over 2 years ago
Hi Gillian, there was a conversation recently about this, hopefully it helps.
over 2 years ago
Hi Gillian, I hope you find someone but I can say I tried to do the same thing about 3 years ago - really wanting something custom made and I gave up. I finally find an ok dress and then had it tailored like crazy at Adam Tailoring downtown Seattle. Not much help I know but he used to make suits and dresses from scratch but gave that up to focus on tailoring about 15 years ago or he has a good eye for that kind of thing...and many a wedding gown are in there when I’ve went in.
over 2 years ago