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Maria Ronquillo-Galicia
about 2 years ago • Indianapolis

What's a good cafe to sit and relax while doing work?

It may sound cliche but I want a comfortable cafe that has booths or tables to sit while doing work on my laptop, sipping coffee, and enjoying the day by just sitting and relaxing while working.
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about 2 years ago
I love going to Le Peep. They have so many locations throughout Indianapolis and I never feel rushed there.
see - Le Peep
about 2 years ago
Not sure what side of town you live but Calvin Fletchers Coffee company (Virginia Avenue/Fountain square are) has what you are looking for and if you like cats, Nine Lives Cat Cafe (Shelby street/near Fountain square) are good choices.
about 2 years ago
I love Lincoln Square. Super nice people quick service.
about 2 years ago