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over 3 years ago
Aaron is an internal hub expert - so if you've got one of those tricky transmissions from Shimano (my e-bike does) he's your go-to pick in Seattle. Of course it's a bike shop, so all the other service you might need is possible too. Aaron's got an opinionated eye for detail and will probably recommend things you weren't thinking about - lights, reflectors, replacement parts not involved with the original thing you saw him for, etc. – and I've concluded this comes from a place of concern for safe riding, not just a naked upsell opportunity.

Last time I was there was the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and the shop stayed open a bit past closing time to wrap up my brake repairs. I appreciated that extra effort with no questions asked.
almost 4 years ago
Aaron's shop was extremely helpful - for both a tire repair - and a tune up. The fees were extremely affordable - and they were fast !