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about 1 year ago
Our 1908 home has numerous rugs, some older than the house. Andonian is the best for care, cleaning, placement and they installed a beautiful runner up our stairs! The techs are super professional and very careful inside the home.
over 2 years ago
Amazing place to handle higher end rugs, whether cleaning or repair. They also have an amazing showroom if you're looking to buy new rugs.
almost 4 years ago
Best rug cleaners around. Generations of experience. I'd only let Andonian Rugs touch my high quality rugs. Great service too.
about 4 years ago
this is who i use for my nicer rugs- my husband has an antique rug that my dog peed on and they helped
over 4 years ago
They helped us clean antique carpets inherited from parents - I trust them with this delicate work!
over 4 years ago
They appraised 6 rugs and cleaned them. Super knowledgeable owner and professional service.