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almost 3 years ago
I called Tao based on the reviews here and he was at my house an hour later. Friendly, professional, and fast!
about 3 years ago
We hired Tao to help us clean out the last of our office furniture (😟) and he delivered as Amy Woidtke and Sara Eizen promised! Fast, flexible, and cheerful.
Sara Eizen 👏👏👏. Tao ROCKS!!
  • about 3 years ago
Amy Woidtke Aww yeah! Tao is our rockstar. The cheer is contagious too.
  • about 3 years ago
about 3 years ago
Tao is my go to hauler of choice for my home organizing and relocation clients. And myself, of course :D He always arrives with a contagious smile and a can-do attitude. Seriously the happiest hauler I have ever met. I love it when a client needs him because that means I get to see him too! The world needs more folks like Tao.

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over 4 years ago
Tao is super nice and great about making sure your items don't end up in garbage. He tries to recycle as much as possible.