4 Best Indianapolis Book Stores

  • 1551 W 86th St, Indianapolis
    Carol Mullins - Great place to go to find books at a discount, most used, some new. If you have old books, don't throw them out. Consider recycling your books at half price books.
    Jeff Mullins - I really enjoy going here and browsing not only for books but CDs and albums great prices on gently used items
    Kali Thompson - love this place and the variety of books they have!
  • 5619 N Illinois St, Indianapolis • Butler-Tarkington
    Molly Pearcy - Kids Ink is a dream stop for your young reader! They carry everything from board books to young teen titles. The store frequently hosts events with children's authors such as book signings. The staff is very knowledgeable and can help you pick the perfect new adventure for your reader. Kids Ink also carries unique and fun gift ideas.
    Kira Carney - This book store is so fun to visit! It's been awhile since going, but pre-covid my mom and I would go here to buy gifts for family's birthday parties.
  • 1066 Virginia Ave, Indianapolis • Fountain Square
    Kira Carney - Indy Reads is the best bookstore in Indianapolis. It used to be on Mass Ave., but has recently moved to Fountain Square, sad but excited to see them in a bigger space (an old library building!!). Indy Reads has used books and new books, as well as a cart full of books that are priced as "pay what you can". I will always go to this book store, even if I can't walk to it anymore.
  • 9 Johnson Ave, Indianapolis • Irvington
    recommended by Abbi Lee

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