3 Best Seattle Meat Deliveries

  • Seattle
    Ryan Bruss - I ordered a turkey from here to make for thanksgiving. The turkey was delicious and came pre-brined. I like that it was sourced from a high quality farm.
    Christina Nelson - Few things make me as happy as getting a text from Crowd Cow that says "Your order has been delivered!" Seriously, they're that good. I started purchasing from them last year when COVID hit to help me avoid the grocery store. I was hooked from the first order-- their quality is unmatched! I love everything I've tried from their grass-fed boneless ribeye to the sweet chili chicken thighs.
    Rand Fishkin - A few years ago, my friend Ethan decides he wants some unusual cuts from a particular, high-quality, small-rancher-raised cow. But to get them, he needs friends. So, he emails 200 people via BCC and asks if anyone wants to go in with him on a side of beef. 190 people reply in the affirmative. That’s how Ethan started CrowdCow.

    Now, it’s a growing, venture-backed startup, and while I do hold that against them, the ranches they work with are fantastic, and the quality of meat is unlike anything you’ll get at the grocery store butcher. I recommend three things: American Wagyu (especially for the price:quality ratio), the Japanese Wagyu (for if you really want to spoil someone), and grass-fed boneless ribeye (because you cannot go wrong with it). The shipping containers are nicely biodegradable and environmentally friendly, too.
  • 1725 Westlake Ave N 200, Seattle
    Anthony Bontrager - Local provider of quality meats to both consumers and local restaurants. Like all companies in this category likely hit hard by the pandemic. Support local businesses.
  • Rand Fishkin - "The best charcuterie in America.” That’s how the critics describe it, and I cannot argue. For years, our PDX friends have raved about Olympia (formerly “Olympic” until those bastards from the Games came for them), and nowadays, I’m just as hooked as they are. Pick up a fancy collection of 13 salumi or go with their Italian sampler.