10 Best Seattle Yoga Studios

  • 501 Broadway E 1, Seattle • Capitol Hill
    Ali White MacBeth - This was a very challenging class for me. I liked the temperature and the class but I wasn't as strong as I needed to me to not get injured from the quick transitions.
    Jessica M Shapiro - I love their sculpt class. A little bit of everything - flow, weights, cardio ... and a ton of sweating. You feel like you got a great workout when it's over.
    Chelsia Andreassen - Ballard is my favorite location!
    recommended by Laurie Krisman, Piper Casey
  • 7110 Woodlawn Ave NE, Seattle • Greenlake
    Ali White MacBeth - I started going to Modo Yoga in June when I was looking for a yoga studio I could join for some community and consistency. I absolutely love it there. All the instructors are passionate but not judgmental. The studio offers several classes all heated. I find the classes challenging, but engaging and a great workout! The facility is very clean and offers a nice atmosphere.
    Lindsay Pedersen - I really like this studio. The type of yoga is a little different from the vinyasa I usually do. Although it is a heated yoga studio, you hold the poses a few counts, and they seem to have more standard sequences. If you don't like similar sequences from one yoga day to the next, you won't like this. If you like that consistent-ness, you will like this. It is still a vigorous, I-just-got-a-good-workout practice. Moreover, there is a great vibe. The space itself is beautiful and spread out, with nice showers and dressing area, a living room, a very large studio, and friendly owners. They're right next to the Greenlake PCC (the one near Starbucks, not the one on Aurora), with underground or street parking.
    Vanessa - I didn’t think I liked yoga until I found Modo. Good people and good workout.
    recommended by Adam MacBeth, Melissa lehman
  • 6521 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle • Ravenna
    Mikaila McLane - I love shefayoga and they offer online sessions! I prefer to go in person for their hot yoga classes but a lot of my friends have been raving about their online sessions
    Jeri and Amy Andrews - Love this studio!
    Sarah Ervin - It's a little hot in there, but great classes!
  • 345 15th Ave E, Seattle • Capitol Hill
    Devon Burns - Located in Capitol Hill, it's a heated vinyasa flow yoga studio. The classes are different every time and the sequences are always so creative. The heat helps your body limber up, but itsn't heat stroke invoking like traditional hot yoga studios. Check out Jamie or Tara's classes if you really want a challenge for your mind, soul, and body.
    Martina Welkhoff - I love how upbeat the classes are!
    Nishant Jain - This is really good
    recommended by Sheila, Katherine Tully
  • 2131 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle • Queen Anne
    Jen Hope - Ginger and Natalie rock.
    Jeri and Amy Andrews - Best yoga studio around.
    recommended by Phil D, Katie Zejdlik
  • 200 Lake Washington Blvd 101, Seattle
    Laurel Buckner - Wonderful hot yoga. Always feel great, amazing teachers. Download the app and sign up in advance.
    Carol Rava - Allison and her team are truly gifted yoga teachers. Classes are super full/crowded, but the yoga is really fantastic (if hard!). Hot, flow and great atmosphere.
    recommended by Lora Shahine, Lindsay Pedersen
  • 3624 Stone Way N, Seattle • Wallingford
    Della Glein - Love the openness and friendliness of this studio. The teachers are top notch!
    Abby Lodmer - The best studio EVER!
    They have world-class, outstanding classes and teachers, they use all natural, non-toxic cleaners to care for the studio, they have awesome clothes, jewelry and other fab items for sale in their lobby shop, and they have in-person, in-studio classes, most importantly!
    Aaron Katzman - Great space, wonderful instructors, overall supportive and pleasant studio to maintain or advance your practice!
  • 8. Barre 3
    1404 12th Ave, Seattle
    Shauna Swerland Youssefnia - great music- great teachers
    Lora Shahine - Beautiful space, fantastic instructors, awesome work out!
    Erin Haggerty - My favorite barre workout to date - slightly more cardio than pure barre and 10 mins of stretching and breath work at the end. Always leave feeling great!
    recommended by Brian Draggoo, Jessica Graham
  • 500 E Pike St, Seattle • Capitol Hill
    Steven Chayer - 8 Limbs Yoga is a very impressive organization. Great to work with!
    Piragash - Legit instructors and scalable approach to practice will leave your body and mind bette than when you came in.
    Aileen McGraw - Nancy's morning classes are amazing! A huge part of what makes me me. Great workout, even better therapy.
    recommended by Keara McGraw
  • 1900 4th Ave, Seattle • Belltown
    Yaprak DeCarmine - My favorite hot yoga spot in Seattle
    Ben Gilbert - Been awhile since I've been, but loved it when I used to go 5 years ago.
    recommended by Megan McDaniel, Taylor Stedman