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Nutritionist Ginger Hultin Looks at Health From Different Angles

Monday August 9th

There’s a lot of chatter about what health looks like in this post-COVID world. From increasing your immunohealth and fighting off disease to anti-diet cultural movements, there’s a lot to say on the topic of health. Fresh Chalk CEO Liz Pearce sat down with Ginger Hultin, a nutritionist who coined her practice “ Champagne Nutrition [],” because she believes you can still eat nutritiously while enjoying a cold glass of bubbly

Founder’s Story: John Lee of Loopie Laundry

Tuesday July 6th

Loopie co-founder John Lee tells Fresh Chalk about his a-ha moment that sparked the creation of the "Uber for laundry."

Meet the Pro: Karl Hackett of Jacob Willard Home

Tuesday February 23rd

How Karl Hackett turned a massive collection of mid-century modern furniture into a family legacy.

Eco-Friendly Food Storage 101

Monday February 8th

It’s no secret that single use plastics are terrible for the environment. With new products emerging on the market, the problem now is knowing where to start when looking for low-waste food storage swaps. Kelsey Lockard breaks down the pros and cons for the most popular of these swaps.

Maintaining Your Outdoor Gear with Wonderland Gear Exchange

Thursday January 21st

Wonderland Gear Exchange's store manager shows us how to prolong the life of our outdoor gear with proper care and fit.

Real-Life Superheroes: Angela Dunleavy-Stowell

Tuesday January 19th

As the CEO of FareStart, Angela Dunleavy-Stowell is helping to disrupt poverty and nourish communities. We spoke with her about the experiences that prepared her for this role and why the restaurant industry is such a great place to learn valuable life skills.

Sageing 2020: Clear Out Your Space & Get Organized for the New Year

Thursday December 31st

If clearing the decks was on your resolutions list, there’s no better time to get on top of things than January—National Get Organized Month. New Year, New You—amirite?

Unboxing Product Recommendations on Fresh Chalk

Tuesday November 17th

A letter from our CEO on why we decided to expand Fresh Chalk into the wonderful world of product recommendations.

How To Survive A COVID Winter

Thursday November 12th

We’re turning our thoughts to things that will keep us cozy during these long dark days and entertained through a cold-weather quarantine. And who better to help you find the best and brightest winter-ready products and services than your friends at Fresh Chalk?