Brown Bear Car Wash - Lake City
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Brown Bear Car Wash - Lake City

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over 2 years ago
Affordable car wash, great for the environment and they are practically everywhere!
about 3 years ago
There really is no other option for a quick on demand automated wash. Affordable and gets the job done!
over 3 years ago
I love that they make an effort to be green, conveniently located, take considerable pride in their business (those bear statues cannot be inexpensive) that makes it fun and pretty to drive through, and their monthly pass is only $22 (unlimited). We use them for our company cars, my personal cars, and the employees remember things (such as I don't like the hand held cleaning brush used on my car).
over 4 years ago
The Beary Best!
almost 5 years ago
Reliable. Splurge on the $4 high speed vacuum even though it feels wrong.
recommended by Grant Goodale