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over 2 years ago
Charis boasts they are "Celebrating radical and independent voices in the heart of the South since 1974!" And that about sums it up! Radical, feminist, independent, free-thinking, culturally astute, local institution of a book store. So lucky they're in my 'hood! Can't wait for them to open up again for regular shopping!
over 2 years ago
Charis has been the place that I've turned to when I've needed to get some help with talking to my kids about tough issues. I'm raising two white, privileged boys, and I simply refuse to let them become assholes.
We've got books about racism, sexuality, and death. I asked if the staff could help me find a story that emphasizes the importance of consent and they found me a book about kids learning to have boundaries when it comes to their bodies.
It's definitely one of the first places that I go when we need a gift for a birthday party.
over 2 years ago
The perfect bookstore to explore as we cerebrate all women. This feminist find keeps their event calendar fresh even in these virtual times. They have great options from queer and BIPOC authors. An excellent place for folks looking to gain cultural competence.
Lynne Tanzer I love Charis. They've given me some excellent recommendations for books when I've had to talk to my kids about tricky topics such as racism or sexuality.
  • over 2 years ago