DeLaurenti (Pike Place Market)
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DeLaurenti (Pike Place Market)

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about 2 years ago
Hands-down a must for the Italian food lover or chef. One of the best places to shop for specialty pasta, oils, meats, cheeses, wine and so much more. If you can't find it anywhere else you can definitely find it here. They do offer delivery as well if getting into downtown is not an option. Don't forget to check their cooler cases for fresh pastas and doughs!!
almost 3 years ago
This has been my go-to Italian specialty foods store for years. Buy my favorite, chocolate Pandorato ($25), these thick, perfect fusilli from Rustichella D’Abruzzo ($9), their unusual and amazing Cannolicchi ($9), and of course, the best aged carnaroli rice on the planet: Acquerello ($11).
about 4 years ago
Again expensive but the quality is terrific. Spend an hour just trying the incredible cheeses and meats. They have a huge selection of olive oils as well. Just don't go on the busy tourist times or Saturdays and the staff is always ready to help and let you sample just about anything.
almost 5 years ago
DeLaurenti's is easily my favorite food store in Seattle. They have a huge selection of olive oil, sauces, imported pastas, and also a huge cheese & speciality meat selection.