Dr. James Swanson
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Dr. James Swanson

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almost 3 years ago
Dr. James Swanson is definitely one of the best dentists in the Seattle area. I did fillings for 5 teeth and 1 wisdom teeth extraction at Dr. Swanson's place and the service was awesome! For the wisdom teeth removal, Dr. Swanson only spent around 1 minute to extract it after the anesthetic started to work. Every step he did was so professional and trustworthy. After extracting my wisdom teeth, I referred 2 friends immediately to Dr. Swanson because he is a really great dentist and I hope everyone who needs dental help can visit him. He offers affordable services for international students at UW, who purchase ISHIP insurance. The front desk was clear and transparent about how much they will charge you. STRONGLY RECOMMEND!
almost 4 years ago
Dr. Swanson is pragmatic in his approach, and doesn't drill at the first sign of trouble, which has saved me tons of time and money compared to other dentists who will suggest a filling for anything. His hygienists are very friendly and educational. I've been going to him for several years and plan to continue.