Dr. Mitchell Karton (Seattle Medical Associates)

Dr. Mitchell Karton (Seattle Medical Associates)

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over 4 years ago
Have been seeing Karton and SMA for more than a decade. Great level of care, convenient location. Going insurance-free has many advantages.
almost 5 years ago
Primary care and specialized in endocrinology, recommended by Scott Jacobson

About Mitchell Karton


Monday - Friday: 8:30am – 12:15pm & 1:15pm – 5:00pm


Dr. Mitchell Karton is part of Seattle Medical Associates, which is one of the first ‘direct care’ practices in the United States. This form of health care delivery creates a direct relationship between patients and physicians, using insurance only for care obtained outside of the office.

There is an annual fee that covers complete supervision of your medical care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including coordination of all consultative care and supervision of hospital care, when required.

SMA does not bill insurance for any services performed in our office.

Membership Services

Comprehensive primary care medical services available with membership include:

  • Annual physical exams

  • Gynecological examinations

  • Electrocardiograms

  • Audiograms

  • All x-rays taken in our office

  • Spirometry and oxygen saturation

  • Tetanus, flu and pneumonia vaccines

All tests or labs completed in office. Labs processed in clinic include: complete blood count, ESR, CRP, Strep test, Monospot, urinalysis, and urine pregnancy test.

What to Expect from SMA

  • Doctors will serve as your advisor and advocate when you are ill, hospitalized or have an emergency.

  • Physicians who will always be available for emergency calls.

  • Electronic medical records.

  • Trained office staff who know you personally.

  • Medical decisions made by you and your doctor, not your insurance company or your employer.

  • Fewer delays and waits. When you schedule an appointment, you will be seen within 15 minutes of your appointed time.

  • An unhurried atmosphere.

  • Rapid responses. Call with an urgent medical problem and you will be seen promptly. When you need medicine, you can expect a prescription the same day.

  • Forms for disability, school physicals, letters or other needs will be faxed or mailed within 48 hours.

  • No excuses. Just the attention and service you want from professionals.

  • Complete confidentiality of medical records and communications.

Mitchell Karton, MD

  • University of California, Davis, School of Medicine, 1979, member AOA–national honor medical society

  • Residency in Internal Medicine, University of Washington Affiliated Hospitals, 1979-1982

  • Chief Resident, Internal Medicine, Seattle VA Hospital, 1982-1983

  • Attending Physician, University of Washington Emergency Health Services, 1983-1986

  • Board certified in Endocrinology and Metabolism, 1987

  • Voted one of the Best Doctors in America: Pacific Region by his professional peers on multiple occasions