Dr. Victoria Brill
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Dr. Victoria Brill

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over 1 year ago
I can't even begin to tell you how much I've enjoyed/ how much she has helped me. I went in there for fertility support. She helped me with hypnotherapy (gotta be opened minded... sounds crazy, I know, but super crazy and positive experience) by going back to my past lives to see what was going on. That alone offered a bunch of support! The following month, I was pregnant. My husband and I were trying to get pregnant for 6 years. After seeing Victoria, I was pregnant 3 months after the 1st visit. That first pregnancy was, sadly, an ectopic BUT as soon as I was able to try again, I got pregnant. Pretty dang fast. She is amazing. I know there is a negative review on here but don't let that discourage you from seeing her. I decided to update my review on1/18/2021 after seeing that. I am getting ready to celebrate my daughter's 1st birthday because of her. I will definitely go back when trying for #3. I also need to add she has helped me with COUNTLESS aches and pains I've had.
about 3 years ago
I'd never had acupuncture done before going to Victoria and came in skeptical but hopeful. She's a thoughtful doctor. She takes time to understand your pain points and everything that surrounds it. I like her approach.