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about 3 years ago
My experience with Michelle's ErgoPowered virtual consult was excellent!

She arrived at our meeting thoroughly prepared, referring to the brief easy-to-complete questionnaire that I had submitted in advance. Then, she began with ME--the most important equipment on the job. How am I sitting, how am I standing, what does it look like when I am moving through my work day?

Our consultation felt very personal because Michelle immediately understood my issues. She taught me how I will reduce the stress on my body while gaining more energy. I now understand what "good posture" is (not what I thought!) and how an improved office setup will enable me to use that more natural positioning throughout the day.

Following our meeting, Michelle emailed my customized assessment, a quick reference guide and some therapeutic exercises to get me on my way. It's obvious that Michelle's nearly twenty years physical therapy experience informs her direction as to how to eliminate repetitive stress injuries and pain.

Michelle is an exceptional communicator and teacher. She made our process fun AND I have already easily incorporated her recommendations into my daily work life.
over 3 years ago
Ergo Powered now offers Virtual Ergonomic Consultations to help employees make comfortable adjustments to their home office work space! We all need to get comfortable working from home now that we know this is going to last for quite a while. Michelle is AMAZING! Experienced physical therapist and ergonomics consultant. She's smart, patient, and totally up-to-date on all the tips and tricks to ensure you're in an ergo safe environment. Virtual visit is a must!