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over 2 years ago
Need purple edible glitter? A soccer ball cake topper? This stocked full shop has all that and SO much more. They are incredibly helpful in all things cake/baking and will go out of their way to talk over your cake baking ideas to help you figure out how to make them reality. I am there every year on my kids birthday gathering supplies and getting great advice. A total neighborhood treasure.
almost 3 years ago
Home Cake is great for all your baking needs.⁠ We discovered this sweet little shop in Maple Leaf many years ago and we've been addicted ever since. From the smallest of sprinkles to the largest of molds, this shop has supplied Seattle bakers with everything they need and plenty of advice for over 60 years.
Liz Pearce Kim Rachmeler Is this place on your radar?
  • almost 3 years ago
Kim Rachmeler Oh yes, I've been a fan for years!
  • almost 3 years ago
over 3 years ago
Home Cake is a Seattle treasure. Whether you are making a family birthday cake, kid cupcakes, or a wedding cake, they have what you need. Pans, sprinkles, food coloring, cupcakes liners, cake toppers, you name it... this little store has everything! Plus, everyone who works here is incredibly friendly and helpful. They love helping you put together a plan for your next baking adventure.