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Karen Kruse

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about 2 years ago
Karen is hands down the very best employment attorney I've found. She'll go to bat for you hard, and her arguments are incredible. She pulls case law that is irrefutable. She is especially skilled with the City of Seattle and knows their labor laws inside and out. For example, did you even know that if you offer a $2hr bonus for perfect attendance during any pay period, the City can find you guilty of PSST violations and "retaliatory practices" against people who take sick time? Me, either! $10,000 per occurence plus back pay and penalties and fines. I highly recommend before you open a business, you hire her to go over all of your practices to make sure you're doing everything correct. The labor laws can be difficult to negotiate -- even for experienced persons!
Amy Woidtke Thank you! I needed a referral!
  • about 2 years ago