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almost 3 years ago
The community built at this gym encourages me to keep going back! If you enjoy HIIT workouts then give this gym a try.
about 4 years ago
Really effective and affordable way of exercise.
over 4 years ago
The Capitol Hill gym is welcoming, non-judgmental and motivational at the same time! None of the no-pain-no-gain machismo, but a great and supportive community. Not to mention killer workout. Tammara is the best!
over 4 years ago
Love the fast pace intervals - the time goes by quick! Also love that you can mostly go at your own pace and you don't have to compare to others next to you.

About Orange Theory

What Happens in Class

Orange theory is a total body group workout that works within a person's heart rate.

  • Rowing - Helping improve strength, endurance, and power
  • Cardiology - Walk, jog, run, bike, or stride.
  • Strength Training - Weight and floor exercises will depend on flexibility and injuries.

Membership Packages

  • Orange Premier - Unlimited classes, reduced rates for families
  • Orange Elite - 8 classes per month, extra classes at a reduced rate
  • Orange Basic - 4 classes per month, extra classes at a reduced rate
  • Class Package - 10, 20, or 30 classes

Membership Benefits

  • Access to Nationwide branches
  • Easy online booking
  • Month-Month Memberships
  • Quit Free Guarantee *Corporate Memberships are available