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about 2 years ago
This is my 2nd Apple watch and each series gets better and better. If you are looking to start out and save some cash, don't buy the latest version and when you are ready to upgrade, then gift this one to someone else. Win Win.
about 2 years ago
I love my apple watch it keeps a charge for about 2 days and it has a water proofing button. I even washed it and it still works.
Elissa Tompkins I love these! I just wish they would come in a smaller face size
  • about 2 years ago
about 2 years ago
I told my father I wanted the newest one but he only gave me the series 3, which is why I dont wear it to school. Although I love how I can answer text messages on her (yes, my apple watch is a woman) and the way that she is built.
over 2 years ago
Low cost, easy to use, but also the ability to call people on it without having your phone on you is great! You can even track a lot of your fitness goals on it and compete with friends!
over 2 years ago
If you're looking for an Apple Watch that low is cost and does what you need I highly suggest the Series 3. While I have one I also bought one for my boyfriend and let me tell you it helps so much throughout the day. We only needed something that can track health, stocks, and show us our notification whiteout always going on our phones 24/7. this watch does so much for for a decent price.
Carol Mullins Thanks for the recommendation Kenna, I am looking to add another apple product to my collection and want something that functional, tracks health and can alert me to messages and phone calls that I normally miss because my phone is in a pouch or pocket.
  • over 2 years ago
recommended by ashley sharp