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about 2 years ago
Both adults and kids can benefit from these! Makes it soooo much easier to fill up hundreds of balloons without spending the day before the big water balloon event! Although kids these days will never appreciate the hard work that we had to put in for the big battle.
over 2 years ago
if you have nieces and nephews, they'll absolutely love this! it's also very easy to use!
over 2 years ago
This takes almost all the time and effort away from filling water balloons. In a matter of seconds you can have a pile full o and are ready to have fun.
over 2 years ago
If you and your kids enjoy playing with water balloons but don't enjoy filling each one by one then I highly recommend Bunch O Balloons. They quick to fill up. You can fill several balloons at the same time. They are fun and easy. A great summer activity during a hot day.
Victoria Grinde Costco has a massive pack of these! We love these water balloons!
  • over 2 years ago