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over 2 years ago
I discovered the Happy Planner several months ago (thanks, Fresh Chalk!) and I've loved how fun it has made planning out my week. They make little sticker books that you can purchase to customize your planner just the way you want it. If you get a kick out of scrapbooking, the Happy Planner is a great pick.
over 2 years ago
This is my go to planner. I love having the large monthly overview calendar, followed by the daily breakdown with 3 distinct sections. This allows me to organize work, personal, and immediate to-do items. There are lots of accessories you can get to compliment it as well.
almost 3 years ago
From a work meeting, to personal appointments, to making your grocery lists, these planners can do it all! They are very much reusable and you can insert new pages as necessary! I love mine. I use planner stickers from different users on easy to help me stay organized and working most efficiently!