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almost 3 years ago
Very great standing desk! I usually sit on my desk but sometimes you just want to stand to work! This desk allows me to do so. You can adjust the height of the desk by rolling the crank handle. Although this is a manual standing desk, it's more affordable than those electronic standing desks. It's easy to assemble. You can buy tabletops in 2 different sizes. They are now offering the beige tabletop in IKEA. What I really like is the design. It feels very elegant to me while some standing desks with slightly higher prices feel pretty flimsy. I bought 2 desks for my family and we all like them!
recommended by Kathryne Hanks

About the Ikea Skarsta Desk Sit/Stand

The Ikea Skarsta is a full size adjustable standing desk designed for easy movement between sitting and standing work positions.


Length: 47 1/4 "

Width: 27 1/2 "

Min. height: 27 1/2 "

Max. height: 47 1/4 "

Max. load: 110 lb

Adjust height setting by turning knob located under desk.

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