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Le Salon Rubber Dog Grooming Brush

Le Salon Rubber Dog Grooming Brush

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over 1 year ago
Still have one of my rubber cones in my mobile salon and use it sometimes since 2017. Love it
over 2 years ago
For being shorthaired, my dog sheds A TON! I cannot use a traditional wire brush on her as it would destroy her skin and it hurts her. This rubber brush acts double as a deshedder and massager on my dog. She always loves to be brushed and it helps to get off the top coat that's always filled with all the nasty dander.
Victoria Grinde Why is it that short haired dogs shed so dang bad!!!!! I need this for both of my short hairs!
  • over 2 years ago
Mandi Pacer My Luna Bean loves it, it pulls everything back and clumps it together for ease of throwing it all in the trash, Victoria Grinde
  • over 2 years ago