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over 1 year ago
Terrible company. Stay far away. Canceled order due to lack of response then wrong sizing recommendation.
Canceled 5/14 asking for refund, 6/4 no refund and No reply, having credit card company dispute charge
almost 3 years ago
The best leather biker jackets ever made. These hearty, classic, and always stylish jackets are about as original as you can get, next to their American equivalent, the famed Schott Perfecto. Rumor has it that seminal punk band the Ramones ditched their Schott Perfecto's in favor of Lewis Leathers. And because these are British, you can even get them tailor fitted to you. I am embarrassed to admit I have three of them—two vintage and one new. Try the horsehide over cow for a stiffer 'slicker' look. One of my vintage ones dates back to the late 50's and it looks amazing.

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