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over 2 years ago
Awesome for smoothie making
over 2 years ago
I love using this for smoothies!
over 2 years ago
If you're like me and hate cutting up all your fruits and veggies before making your morning smoothie, try the Ninja Professional 72 Oz Countertop Blend. It's powerful and easy to clean.
almost 3 years ago
Nothing beats this little blender with different cup sizes and lids for blending smoothies or drinks to go or making sauces at home. It's really powerful and can blend up frozen ingredients, crush ice and incorporate skins and seeds of fruits and veggies easily. Best of all, you can pop the blade and cups in the dishwasher. It's such an easy-to-use product; I use mine several times a week. If you have a regular need for 1-2 servings, this is a perfect tool so that you're not constantly cleaning out a large blender.

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recommended by Vanessa Houser, Ashley Reyes