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over 2 years ago
I cannot be the only one who has discovered that this drink made for children is also the ultimate hangover and sleep deprivation elixir. When I come home from a long day and failed to stay up on water consumption I often get crazy migraines from the dehydration. This drink has been a lifesaver, and I can't believe I dismissed it for the better half of my early twenties. We always have it in our fridge!
Cindy Sersig I swear by pedialyte for my boys (ages 10 and 7) when they are vomiting. It hydrates them which helps decrease the vomiting. Never thought of it for a hangover!!
  • over 2 years ago
Molly Pearcy I always have the Pedialyte popsicles in my freezer for when my kids get sick. My partner and I have been known to grab one in the morning after a late night out.
  • over 2 years ago