The best cat toys of 2023

Victoria Grinde - So both our cat and our 15mn old love this toy. It keeps the kitten entertained so it’s less couch scratching!
Carly Canter - Exactly what you kitties need! This toy will keep them entertained for hours. I notice my cat gets bored waiting for me to wave the string around, and I see him laying next to this batting away!
Karline Nogales - My cats are crazy about this toy. They love to play with it, and we love to watch them playing. In addition, it's affordable and easy to clean.
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Allison H - A great cat toy! They love lunging and jumping for the feathers.
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Julie Joyce - Our cat has so much fun batting this around to get his treats out.
Carly Canter - I bought this randomly one weekend for my cats and they truly enjoyed the challenge of treats...until they figured out how to 'out smart' it. Still a good option for any kitty who loves their treats.
Allison H - Not just for dogs - my cats love these!
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Kali Thompson - my cats love to bat these around the front room, they go absolutely crazy for them!
Justin OConnor - My lazy cat doesn't generally play with toys but she LOVES these and I love them because they don't make noise! The only drawback is they get "lost" fairly quickly. We have to move our couch about once a month to get them back.
Carly Canter - The most generic and simple cat toy in history! They go psychotic for these thing! They're pretty inexpensive less that $8 usually and last a while too!
Kali Thompson - my cats favorite thing in the world!
Allison H - My cats go crazy for this - I can get them to race all over the place. So fun!
Karline Nogales - My cats' favorite toy. It is made with catnip. It is so fun to watch the cats playing with the mice.
Karline Nogales - Bouncy and perfect for playing fetch with cats. My cats love these balls and carry them around the house. It's so fun to watch them playing around with the balls.
Cindy Sersig - This is a fun cat toy to dangle around and watch your cat jump in the air and bat at the toy, or drag it around and chase it.
Carly Canter - Best toy for you kittens or cats. It'll keep them entertained for hours!
Carly Canter - Keeps them busy scratching here instead of your furniture!
Victoria Grinde - We like SmartyKat Hot Pursuit Electronic Concealed Motion Cat Toy. This has been a pretty big hit for us and other people we know.
Liz Pearce - I felt a little ridiculous buying this toy for my dog (it's a cat toy, right?), but he totally loves it and it allows me to play with him without leaving the couch. Note that my dog is about the size of a cat, so I'm not sure how well this would work for a larger breed.
Carly Canter - I have this in my office and it has entertained my lazy cats for hours! Not too noisy either!
Julie Joyce - Our cat loves his Quirky Kitty toys. We got him the chicken and tuna set for Christmas, and he carries the chicken around the house looking for someone to throw it for him.
Erin Lee - The Spoiled Cat hand-makes fun gourmet catnip products! Love the fried egg design, you can also order a side of catnip bacon :)
Brittany Menestrina - Full disclosure - I do not have a cat because my fiance obviously is working through his fears lol but my best friend has the cat I had growing up kitten! I know a lot of head scratching.

Well said kitten is now like 14 and I found this yesterday while getting my dog groomed. Im obsessed, there ...

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