The best notebooks of 2023

Sara Marie - Rev up your note-taking with a Rocketboook! If you're all about saving trees but still love to take notes, this is the next best thing!
Victoria Grinde - This has changed my life as far as note taking is concerned! I use it everyday at work!
Elissa Tompkins - These are reusable and make converting notes electronically so simple!
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Christina Nelson, Erin Lee and 1 other
Kali Thompson - my absolute favorite notebook brand!
Kelsy Horn - πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ
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Adisyn Smith - I got this notebook on clearance at Walmart, I wasn't expecting much but honestly, it's one of my favorite notebooks. The pages are thick enough so the ink won't bleed through and its just the right size to travel with.
Lynne Tanzer - As someone who has journaled for over twenty years, it has been a struggle to find a notebook that can withstand all the abuse that I put it through. The Leuchtturm1917 can withstand knocking about in my bag as I travel. All kinds of different inks can be used without any bleeding through. The sp...
Augustina Liu - I've tried some journal notebooks before but this one is the best. It's dotted, which gives you some references when drawing but it won't be too disturbing. The size of each page is great, not too small or too big to write down your thoughts. The quality of the paper is good and it won't make the...
Victoria Grinde - Ordered these notebooks/journals based off a recommendation on Fresh Chalk! LOVE THEM!!! They are amazing. I love the pocket! The quality is great.
Liz Pearce - List-making and note-taking are core to how I work, and there's something about putting actual pen to paper that makes both more effective. I love the Hanote spiral notebooks: they are made of high-quality paper, have multiple dividers, and include pocket for holding receipts, etc.
Paula Claure - I love mine, it's been an amazing addition to my work life. It helps me to be a little environmentally conscious so I don't use that much paper anymore. I can take notes, save what is important in the cloud, and wipe out the page starting over.
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Joyce Ling - I love my Stalogy notebook. First off, it has 368 pages, but because the pages are ultra-thin, it's a tiny little thing. It has a very flexible spine, so it lies flat on the table. Also, I love that there are grid lines so I can draw or write, depending on what my goal is.
Kira Carney - I LOVE Bullet Journals with a passion! I love adding stickers, doodles, and coming out with a spread for my journal. I've been journaling my whole life and I have 4-5 of these journals!!
Ryan Bruss - I don't take notes on anything else and I'm not sure I ever will. The A5 size is perfect for me. I hate full size notebooks and anything smaller just gets lost. Also, if you don't use grid paper notebooks, why? Seriously, why? I don't get it. Grid paper is far superior in every way to lined paper.
Alexa Kim - When traveling, I have one of these with a pen attached in my day bag. I find it useful to have a sort of disposable notebook (very different than a travel journal, see other recommendation on Piccadilly journal) in order to jot down place names, facts, track my spending in local currency, USD, c...
Molly Pearcy - I love these little journals. They are the perfect size to carry in my purse so I can take it with me where ever I go. Great for to do lists or to write down an idea before I forget!
Alexa Kim - I purchased several Piccadilly blank journals in the charming Bethany Books store in Bethany Beach several years ago and use one as my travel journal. I don't fill it out every day I am traveling, but typically make an entry at the airport before departure as well as several times during the trip...