The best streaming media players of 2023

Victoria Grinde - We have four of these bad bears! We aren't the 100% apple family but
we love our Apple TVs! Highly recommend having at least one. Easy to use. Doesn't take a lot of space.
Elissa Tompkins - Perfect for family game and movie night!
Natasha Willis - Nifty little gadget that makes movie nights fun
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Test Out, Laura Wilkinson and 1 other
Carly Canter - Great device to connect you to ALL your favorite steaming services. Also connects with the Amazon Alexa!
Andre Palacios - New control with volume is great!
Test Out - Great device especially when you dont want to spend hundreds on a smart tv! Easy way of accessing streaming applications!
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Morgan Keith, Adisyn Smith and 1 other
Carly Canter - Someone had to share, I've been a loyal user since back when you got movies in the mail!! One of the reasons I've survived quarantine, and I still have plenty to stream.
Kali Thompson - netflix is my absolute favorite streaming app, they have a very wide variety of movies and tv shows
Amber Neuhold - Netflix is great and has so many options and what to watch sometimes it's hard to pick. I like Netflix a lot although it can be a bit much.
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Clau C - We subscribed in the middle of the pandemic, looking for a streaming service that would satisfy my 9 year old daughter. It turns out this has made everybody in the house happy, including me! We're still not going to the movies, so paying for the new movies seems reasonable if you compare how much...
Kali Thompson - one of my favorite streaming apps especially for disney movies!
morgan tucker - I have a subscription based solely on all the new marvel shows coming out. But I have not been disappointed in their selection of movies to watch either.
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Carly Canter - Cheaper than cable in my area and still offers a wide variety of options to watch.
Test Out - So much cheaper than cable and you save so much on your internet bill!
Patrick O'Donnell - I'm still getting used to the DVR features, but so far it works well, at a great price point.
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David Takayoshi, Ray and 1 other
Mandi Pacer - We share streaming platforms amongst the family, so this little device has been a godsend! I can cast Xfinity and Amazon Prime to my Smart Tv. An investment every household should make!
Nathan Kriege - I'm a bit of a luddite when it comes to AV equipment. I don't spend a lot of time in front of the TV, and the idea of investing in a smart TV is distasteful. I don't have cable, though, so when I do watch something I'm streaming from one of a half dozen services. Chromecast was the perfect answer...
Emily Law - This is so easy to use, I love being able to stream from my phone to my TV
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Maria Ronquillo-Galicia - Hulu is the second media entertainment I have, so far they have some of the movies and shows that Netflix doesn't have.
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Kali Thompson - really easy to stream things on!
Alyssa Lehrer - love this! gives me access to Netflix and other streaming shows that I want to watch
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Patrick O'Donnell - I've been a regular Apple TV user for years, but the remote and UI are often very frustrating. I recently started using Google TV interface and remote control, and both are so much better!

Important extra buttons on the remote include: tv power, tv input, separate home and back buttons. The remo...
Romer Garcia - Amazing little gadget to make smart any dumb TV
Andru Edwards - The newly-updated version of Google’s Chromecast is an easy recommendation for anyone looking to get into streaming video (and even cutting the cord.) It includes a remote for the first time, along with the new Google TV software, which aims to recommend content that you’ll like. You can even add...
Adam Doppelt - We've been through a number of streaming devices in this house, including obscure stuff built into TVs and crappy set top boxes. Roku is the best. It's independent, so all the apps work great and nobody gets special treatment. The software is excellent and easy for all the kids to operate, unlike...
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Maria Ronquillo-Galicia - Soundcloud is the first music app I have used, it pretty much has some of the songs you are looking for that aren't available in Spotify- but if t were songs by other artists (well known or popular artists) then yin have to buy a plan to listen to the songs, including with no ads
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Maria Ronquillo-Galicia - Besides Netflix and Hulu, Tubi is free. It has shows and movies that either Netflix & Hulu has or doesn't have. The only downside is that there will be ads.
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Carly Canter - I have been a supporter of Amazons devices for many years now. I have had this for over 2 years and it still amazing. I can speak to my TV via Alexa and control the tv without the use of any other remotes!
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Cindy Sersig - My boys would love to have an iPad, but hey, a Kindle Fire is just as good and I actually prefer it. We just upgraded the boys to the Kindle Fire 10. It has a large screen, Alexa is included, and so many apps and books they can download. It's great for long car rides, sitting in dr offices, and j...
Phil Bogle - Really fast Android TV plus supports Amazon Prime video. Great emulators and streaming games.
Morgan Keith - This thing is AWESOME. So many different apps and channels it’s kind of overwhelming at first. But now I know my way around and I’m addicted. The remote also responds to voice commands from across the room

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