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over 2 years ago
How have I not reviewed my favorite tattoo shop? Three of my four tattoos were done here. I have two more planned for this year. One is a raven then wraps around my chest, right shoulder, and around to my back. Eight hours in the chair and it was a delightful experience.

The shop is super clean and well-lit. My $.02 is that any tattoo parlour should be like where you get your haircut. Three C's comfortable, clean, and consultative. If they don't ask you a lot of questions and just try to get you in and out, you're getting the quick-serve meal versus dinner from a chef.

Prices are reasonable for Seattle and to date, I wouldn't consider going anywhere else.

Bonus tip:

1. Plan ahead. Please plan ahead. Did I say plan ahead? They are very good which means the artists book up months in advance.

2. Know what you want and spend the time to do a consult with your artist. They are the experts in ink, style, and drawing. Only you are the expert in what you want. Make it a partnership. I designed three of the tattoos myself then reviewed them with the artist. Lindsay was amazing with my raven. When I go shirtless, yes I am 50+ and comfortable with it or my partners see it I get tons of compliments.
over 2 years ago
Slave to the Needle is where the majority of my tattoos are from and I've been very impressed.