The Lost Dog Cafe
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The Lost Dog Cafe

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over 1 year ago
The Lost Dog is the perfect place to grab a pizza and a few beers, oh man, their selection is just impressive, there are beers for all tastes, even my friend who is not a beer person found something for him. My wife and me just LOVE their pizza, many of our "home dates" during the pandemic consisted of watching a movie or binge watching some series with a gourmet pizza and beer from The Lost Dog Cafe. 100% recommended!
about 2 years ago
They have the best gourmet pizzas πŸ• good beer! With every purchase, you are helping the Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation 🐢🐈
Lia Argandona Salinas Thank you for the recommendation 😊
  • over 1 year ago
recommended by Abigail Ovando