Your Dekalb Farmer's Market
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over 2 years ago
You'll save at least 20% off your grocery bill here! The produce section is rife with things like standard veggies and then all those lesser known hard to find items like galangal, thai basil, chanterelles (when they're in season) and a hundred different varietals of apples. They aren't great about stocking local produce, but you won't have trouble finding organic versions when it's in season. If you try to eat meat that's raised humanely and free of antibiotics, this is great place to go. Their pork and chicken are top notch, although I think their grass fed beef selections are often a bit paltry (plenty of ground beef though). Plus, you'll find lamb, goat, turkey, and plenty of offal. Homemade bread? Check. Homemade pasta? Check. Great deli? Yep. Plus they bulk pack items like teas, spices, nuts, and dried legumes & grains (including SO many options for gluten free flours). They even have an impressive inexpensive assortment of flowers. The only thing you can't get here are your paper goods and household staples like soap, TP, garbage bags, etc. For everything else, it will spoil you.
over 2 years ago
Plethora of choices, fresh and super affordable! Grocers are really helpful plus you can grab a coffee, meal, or snack while shopping.
Melissa Gallagher Love YDFM!
  • over 2 years ago