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Aaron Roberts


Snowboarder. Stoner. And diehard Seahawks fan.
Joined 3 months ago

Aaron Recommends


Dockside Cannabis
Dockside Cannabis is one of the few retailers who transitioned from a medical establishment to recreational one when I-502 passed. Expect knowledgeable staff in a spacious showroom. They might not carry as many producers as other stores but you are sure to find a deal here. Not too far from the stadiums either so an easy walk before or after a Seattle win.
Dr. William Pentecost (Family Eye And Contact Lens Center)
Eye Doctor
I see Dr. Pentecost a few times a year and he has always made me feel welcomed and comfortable in his care. The office has a low key feel but provides a 5 star experience every time.
Duncan Hussey
Dr. Hussey provides great care and is one of the few doctors that doesn’t make me feel rushed. He will sit and talk to you about your concerns and does everything possible to address them so you leave the office with peace of mind.
Eye Eye
Eye Doctor
Ganja Goddess
I used to travel across town to go to Ganja Goddess. For awhile that was because it was one of the closest shops to me, but over time I continued going because the friendly customer service as well as the huge selection they carry. It can get crowded but they do offer a shuttle to/from downtown! Can’t beat that!
Hashtag Cannabis - Fremont
Hashtag is one of my favorite recreational shops in Seattle. They offer a wide assortment of products, daily deals and discounts, and great customer service. If I lived closer this would be my go to pot shop.
Have a Heart - Belltown
I love Have a Heart Belltown because they provide convenient access at an affordable rate. In addition there are so many options to choose from. When you’ve made up your mind pre-order online for express pickup. Can save you a bunch of time waiting in line.
Ruckus Cannabis
Ruckus is a great hole in the wall pot shop. What it lacks in size it makes up in quality products at a reasonable price. They also make you feel more human than the other guys across the street. Highly recommended if you are in the Capitol Hill area.
The Reef - Seattle
The Reef in Seattle is one of my favorite shops. They carry great producers, at a good price. In addition, since its on the fringe of downtown and Capitol Hill the lines are almost always shorter, meaning I have more time to get baked with my friends!






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