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People followed by Flora Ku

Seattle, WA • 96.9k karma
Co-founder & CEO @ Fresh Chalk. Mom to two awesome kids and a pup. Montlake by day, Montlake by night.
Seattle, WA • 48.7k karma
Fresh Chalk founder and seeker of pros.
Seattle, WA • 19.0k karma
CEO + Founder of SparkToro, Author of Lost & Founder, previously founder/CEO of Moz. Lifelong Seattlite.
Seattle, WA • 16.8k karma
Founder and Chief Organizer at Amy Woidtke: Making space for you. Partner, FurMama, passionate about planet and community, dancer of life!
Seattle, WA • 15.8k karma
I like this place.
Seattle, WA • 15.0k karma
Senior Marketer at Fresh Chalk. Dog mom. Style junky. Bookworm. Home cooking enthusiast.
Seattle, WA • 14.8k karma
Originally from Turkey, I grew up in Ballard and Alki. Lived in 12 countries in 12 months and now I'm living the #freshchalklife!
Seattle, WA • 14.1k karma
Office Manager, Home Owner, general consumer of services.
Seattle, WA • 12.9k karma
I'm Laura!
Seattle, WA • 9.5k karma
Caterer, Food lover and Co-founder @ Madres Kitchen. Mom of three crazy wonderous creatures - 2 kids and a pup. Co-owner of a 116 (+?!) year old house in the CD. Encourager of endless projects.
Seattle, WA • 8.8k karma
@ArryinSeattle everywhere or on the web. :) Strategic Operator | Startups | Blockchain | Investing | Women | Motherhood | Writer
Seattle, WA • 8.3k karma
Grew up on Capitol Hill, new to Montlake with our blended family of cats. Love entrepreneurship and karaoke.
Seattle, WA • 7.7k karma
Seattle, WA • 6.6k karma
Mom, founder, writer. I live in Mt Baker with two teens and three cats so we need things repaired all the time!
Bellevue, WA • 5.2k karma
Startup guy, bad bowler, author of "Trajectory: StartupI—Ideation to Product/Market Fit"
Seattle, WA • 5.1k karma
A PNW native, financial strategist and champion of the local tech eco-system, home-renovation and design blog devotee.
Seattle, WA • 5.1k karma
Laurelhurst Dad. Just trying to make a dollar out of 15 cents.
Seattle, WA • 5.1k karma
Seattle, WA • 5.1k karma
Queen Anne, kids, dogs
Seattle, WA • 4.8k karma
Seattleite of 5 years. Entrepreneur. Wife to Gus and mom to Oliver & Marie.
Seattle, WA • 4.3k karma
Seattle, WA • 3.9k karma
I love spicy food and startups. My dream is to help people build their economic confidence -- that's where supporting local businesses comes in!
Bainbridge Island, WA • 3.1k karma
Olalla, WA • 2.7k karma
Seattle, WA • 2.4k karma
Condo living, carless, cat owner. Since I discovered it 20+ years ago I cannot imagine living anywhere else but Capitol Hill.
Mercer Island, WA • 2.3k karma
I love spending time with my friends and family, anything athletic and organizations that enable leadership opportunities for girls, like Girl Scouts!
Olalla, WA • 1.7k karma
I'm a copywriter, website designer and founder of the Syntropy Collective - I'm also a stepmom, dogmom, and lover of horror movies, fiction, gardening, and anything having to do with being in, on, or around water.
Seattle, WA • 890 karma
Seattle, WA • 770 karma
Seattle, WA • 100 karma
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