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People following Omar Shahine

Seattle, WA • 95.1k karma
Co-founder & CEO @ Fresh Chalk. Mom to two awesome kids and a pup. Montlake by day, Montlake by night.
Boulder, CO • 66.7k karma
I am a mom of two boys ages 3 and 4, bonus mom to two kids, son 13 and daughter 16, and two pups! I was born and raised in Colorado and love to enjoy the outdoors in my free time! Being a mom of two young boys means I am always looking for recommendations about parks, businesses and products from people I know and trust!
Denver, CO • 49.4k karma
Colorado Born. Visionary & Creator. Live Music Lover. Iced Tea Aficionado. Owner of The Moxi Poppy - Creative Co-Op in Historical Morrison, CO + Small Business Branding and Digital Media Consulting
Seattle, WA • 47.6k karma
Fresh Chalk founder and seeker of pros.
Puyallup, WA • 41.9k karma
Admin at Pierce Conservation District ~ Health, Fitness and Sustainability Guru. Always looking on the brighter side.
Atlanta, GA • 41.1k karma
Welcome to my page! My name is Dakota, and I absolutely love my community for all that it is and for all that it does. Atlanta is a fast-growing, international melting pot filled with hidden gems, surrounded by everyday people doing incredible things, and I want you to come share in my adventure! Traveler ✈️ Book Lover 📖 Obsessed with cheese 🧀
Portland, OR • 33.2k karma
Favorite things in life are my boys, sewing, embroidery, volunteering and sharing my experiences.
Indianapolis, IN • 30.7k karma
Nature lover, creating beautiful spaces & community connections. Conservation, ecology, hiking, biking mom of three and of lover of two big fur babies.
Redmond, WA • 30.0k karma
Mostly just a regular dude, with a family, who likes adventure sports.
Auburn, WA • 27.6k karma
South Sound homeowner, 3 boys, one dog, longtime runner and Fresh Chalk team member.
Portland, OR • 27.5k karma
Professional artist and marketer enjoying life in pdx!
Brookline, MA • 25.3k karma
I'm a Boston based foodie that enjoys the simply things in life :)
Indianapolis, IN • 24.8k karma
Currently a grad student at New England College, working towards an MFA in Creative Nonfiction. I'm 23 years old, a part-time nanny, and miss traveling the world.
Mercer Island, WA • 22.5k karma
Entrepreneur (CEO FUEL TALENT) mom, dog-owner, and traveler, living on Mercer Island. Seattle born and bred but I have lived in SF and NYC.
Seattle, WA • 21.4k karma
I've lived in the Madrona neighborhood since 1999. I have 2 kids and love technology.
Puyallup, WA • 21.2k karma
A writer, a foodie, and an advocate of the Oxford comma.
Boston, MA • 19.9k karma
I'm an Aussie expat who enjoys hiking, photography, pottery, and cooking amongst other things!
Seattle, WA • 19.0k karma
Into dogs because they care more. Kids are cool too.
Seattle, WA • 16.6k karma
Great Expectations in the neighborhood of Fremont.
Seattle, WA • 15.5k karma
Grew up in West Seattle and still here. Bought the house next door to my childhood home. Work in tech. I dig real estate (have a few Airbnb's) and have remodeled a few homes.
Boulder, CO • 15.0k karma
Born in TN and moved to CO last year! Love playing my guitar, drinking beer, and hanging out with friends!
Seattle, WA • 14.9k karma
Live in Ravenna, and work on Queen Anne. Juggling: publishing a book, running a small business (brand strategy consulting), taking care of aging parents, and momming for a teen, a tween, and a very fat cat.
Seattle, WA • 14.6k karma
Senior Marketer at Fresh Chalk. Dog mom. Style junky. Bookworm. Home cooking enthusiast.
Seattle, WA • 14.4k karma
Originally from Turkey, I grew up in Ballard and Alki. Lived in 12 countries in 12 months and now I'm living the #freshchalklife!
Seattle, WA • 13.6k karma
Office Manager, Home Owner, general consumer of services.
Austin, TX • 11.9k karma
Founder of Fresh Chalk and happy South Austin homeowner.
Seattle, WA • 11.6k karma
Mad Scientist and entrepreneur, living in a 115 year-old house on Capitol Hill.
Seattle, WA • 10.9k karma
Entrepreneur, aspiring hand model, e-biker, 2nd best guacamole maker in King County, WA.
Phoenix, AZ • 10.9k karma
Hi, I'm Chanette Campbell ! I am a Phoenix native and mother of three precious kiddos who keep on the go daily. I love yoga, writing and music.
Seattle, WA • 10.8k karma
20 something living in North Seattle with a love for food, beauty, and home decor. I'll be moving in with my boyfriend this summer and planning a wedding so I have a lot of venue, vendor, styling and moving tips ahead.
Puyallup, WA • 10.6k karma
Fun | Outgoing | Love to network | Passionate about helping others reach their full potential
Seattle, WA • 9.3k karma
I'm the proud husband of Elizabeth, father of Andy & Dennis. E and I built that cabin in AK (pictured). I invented Vacuboom. I built a 2 million dollar a year WA painting business. I now work with Elizabeth, founder of the American Dance Institute. We've grown the school to 6 studios in 4 Seattle locations. I enjoy life and its adventures.
Seattle, WA • 8.5k karma
Looking for a few good recommendations
Seattle, WA • 8.2k karma
Caterer, Food lover and Co-founder @ Madres Kitchen. Mom of three crazy wonderous creatures - 2 kids and a pup. Co-owner of a 116 (+?!) year old house in the CD. Encourager of endless projects.
Seattle, WA • 7.1k karma
Hi, I'm Augustina, a UX designer, minimalist, and environmentalist. I advocate for an inclusive society to make the world more accessible and inclusive for those people with different abilities.
Seattle, WA • 7.1k karma
I live in Magnolia. I work on digital products. I love technology, cooking, gardening, running, fly fishing, spending time with my family and partnering with my wife on buy/hold real estate projects.
Seattle, WA • 6.6k karma
Seattle, WA • 6.4k karma
Mom, founder, writer. I live in Mt Baker with two teens and three cats so we need things repaired all the time!
Seattle, WA • 6.3k karma
I Marie Condo'd my life in 2019 after leaving Microsoft, in preparation for diving into the local tech scene and investing. I'm the co-founder of a startup called UpLift Group. We provide owner-centric data + help + tools for HOAs (condos and townhouses), the kind of things we ourselves want as condo owners and board members.
Seattle, WA • 6.1k karma
Dad. Vice President, Kindle at Amazon. StrongFirst Certified Team Leader. BJJ Blue Belt, 2 Black Belts, Lifelong Martial Artist.
Seattle, WA • 5.7k karma
Empty nester and Fremont home & rental property owner. Lots and projects that I need help with! When I'm not working on the to-do list at home I'm a business builder & change agent focusing on financial matters. Recovering Chocolatour (not! - must be my Swiss heritage). Hoping to connect with others and learn about really great local pros.
San Tan Valley, AZ • 5.1k karma
Seattle, WA • 4.9k karma
Seattle. Capitol Hill. 100 year old house. Lots of projects.
Seattle, WA • 4.9k karma
Laurelhurst Dad. Just trying to make a dollar out of 15 cents.
Seattle, WA • 4.8k karma
Music, Books, Dogs, Spa Junkie
Bellevue, WA • 4.8k karma
Tech entrepreneur/investor living in Bellevue. Dad of 3
Seattle, WA • 4.7k karma
Blood donation is an essential activity and encouraged activity. Your gift of blood saves lives, Donate blood with Bloodworks NW and make an impact in our community. You're somebody's type!
Seattle, WA • 4.7k karma
I’ve lived in Seattle for 20 years. I work full time, I’m a mom, a wife, and a homeowner. I have two dogs and no time to screw around.
Seattle, WA • 4.5k karma
Dogs, cities, and babies
Seattle, WA • 4.5k karma
Obsessed with food (eating it, making it, ordering it out, photographing it) and talking about nutrition. I'm a Bastyr grad and registered dietitian nutritionist based here in Seattle.
San Marcos, CA • 4.4k karma
Edmonds, WA • 4.3k karma
Seattle, WA • 4.3k karma
Seattle, WA • 4.3k karma
Santa Clara, CA • 4.2k karma
Seattle, WA • 4.1k karma
Seattle, WA • 4.1k karma
Seattle, WA • 4.0k karma
Seattle, WA • 3.9k karma
Seattle, WA • 3.9k karma
Seattle, WA • 3.8k karma
Snohomish, WA • 3.8k karma
Seattle, WA • 3.8k karma
Seattle, WA • 3.5k karma
Seattle, WA • 3.1k karma
Kirkland, WA • 3.1k karma
Seattle, WA • 2.8k karma
Kirkland, WA • 2.7k karma
Seattle, WA • 2.7k karma
Medina, WA • 2.7k karma
Seattle, WA • 2.6k karma
Kenmore, WA • 2.6k karma
Woodinville, WA • 2.6k karma
Seattle, WA • 2.6k karma
Kirkland, WA • 2.5k karma
Everett, WA • 2.4k karma
Seattle, WA • 2.4k karma
Bronxville, NY • 2.3k karma
Redmond, WA • 2.2k karma
Seattle, WA • 2.2k karma
Seattle, WA • 2.2k karma
Seattle, WA • 2.1k karma
Bellingham, WA • 2.1k karma
Redmond, WA • 2.0k karma
Seattle, WA • 2.0k karma
Mercer Island, WA • 2.0k karma
Seattle, WA • 2.0k karma
Sammamish, WA • 1.9k karma
Seattle, WA • 1.9k karma
Seattle, WA • 1.8k karma
Seattle, WA • 1.8k karma
Bothell, WA • 1.8k karma
Seattle, WA • 1.8k karma
Loveland, CO • 1.7k karma
Denver, CO • 1.7k karma
Bozeman, MT • 1.7k karma
Surrey, BC • 1.6k karma
Seattle, WA • 1.6k karma
Seattle, WA • 1.5k karma
Seattle, WA • 1.5k karma
Seattle, WA • 1.5k karma
Seattle, WA • 1.4k karma
Seattle, WA • 1.4k karma
Seattle, WA • 1.4k karma
Duvall, WA • 1.4k karma
Seattle, WA • 1.4k karma
Seattle, WA • 1.4k karma
San Marcos, CA • 1.3k karma
Seattle, WA • 1.3k karma
Denver, CO • 1.3k karma
Seattle, WA • 1.3k karma
Colorado Springs, CO • 1.3k karma
Mercer Island, WA • 1.2k karma
Kirkland, WA • 1.2k karma
Seattle, WA • 1.2k karma
Bellevue, WA • 1.2k karma
Seattle, WA • 1.1k karma
Seattle, WA • 1.1k karma
Sisters, OR • 1.0k karma
Seattle, WA • 1.0k karma
Kirkland, WA • 1.0k karma
Seattle, WA • 1.0k karma
Seattle, WA • 1.0k karma
Woodinville, WA • 920 karma
Seattle, WA • 900 karma
Everett, WA • 900 karma
Bellevue, WA • 850 karma
Maple Valley, WA • 840 karma
Seattle, WA • 840 karma
Seattle, WA • 750 karma
Sammamish, WA • 750 karma
Snohomish, WA • 700 karma
Mercer Island, WA • 700 karma
Kirkland, WA • 690 karma
Redmond, WA • 650 karma
Cheyenne, WY • 550 karma
Seattle, WA • 520 karma
Edmonds, WA • 500 karma
Monroe, WA • 450 karma
Troy, MI • 450 karma
Seattle, WA • 450 karma
Seattle, WA • 450 karma
Seattle, WA • 450 karma
Kent, WA • 400 karma
Seattle, WA • 350 karma
New Berlin, WI • 350 karma
Seattle, WA • 350 karma
Puyallup, WA • 350 karma
Seattle, WA • 300 karma
Seattle, WA • 300 karma
Corpus Christi, TX • 300 karma
Seattle, WA • 300 karma
Seattle, WA • 300 karma
Lynnwood, WA • 275 karma
Encino, CA • 250 karma
Wilmington, DE • 250 karma
San Angelo, TX • 200 karma
San Angelo, TX • 200 karma
Redmond, WA • 200 karma
Seattle, WA • 100 karma
Kirkland, WA • 100 karma
Edmonds, WA • 100 karma
Kent, WA • 100 karma
Seattle, WA • 50 karma
Tacoma, WA • 50 karma
Jackson, MS • 50 karma
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