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Mark Bresher
4 months ago • Queen Anne
Hardwood flooring installer in Queen Anne
Does anyone have a good hardwood flooring contractor/installer, experienced with condo associations in Queen Anne area? Thanks Fresh Chalkers!
4 replies
2 months ago
My friend @AlexMDunne recommends Akamai Woodworks - they did his floors in his condo building in Belltown.
  • 2 months ago
Confirmed. They did and I do recommend Richie and his team at Akamai. Lightening fast, very detailed craftsmanship, easy to work with.
  • 2 months ago
I highly recommend Vogel's - as an interior designer I work with them A LOT. Great selection and service.
Flooring - Greenwood
  • 4 months ago
I second the Incredible customer service.
Flooring - Greenwood
  • 4 months ago

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