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11 days ago
I am exploring the idea of getting rid of Comcast. Any advice to ensure that I can still get some of my favorite channels, including Bravo, NFL, E!, History, Paramount, Lifetime, HBO, Showtime?
In 2019 the easiest way to get all those networks is to stick with cable, unfortunately. You can sorta cobble something together using Hulu, Youtube TV, etc. but it gets expensive and you still might be out of luck for football games.

In our house we turned off Comcast and installed an antenna in the attic. I get the NFL and major broadcast networks through the antenna. HBO, Netflix and Amazon Prime come through the Apple TV. Ended up saving a boatload of money, and we only use Comcast for internet now.
  • 11 days ago
I also buy individual show subscriptions (for things like Top Chef) on Amazon. I can get most of what I want to watch through Amazon + Netflix + antenna!
  • 11 days ago
I cut the cord a year ago, and I've been pretty happy with my new setup. I use YouTube TV, HBO Now, and occasionally an antenna.

Benefits have been:
it's cheaper
you can watch while away from home
you can have up to 6 accounts connected and 3 simultaneous streams
no DVR limit

YouTube TV DVR UI isn't as good as TiVo
No PBS (which is why we have to use the antenna from time to time)
TV Provider
  • 10 days ago
Thank you everyone for your input!
  • 10 days ago
If you use Amazon Fire TV, you can get an Amazon “Recast” device. It’s basically a DVR that hooks up to an antenna. Where I live, we can pick up tons of local network channels (NBC, CBS, PBS, etc.). It’s a great supplement to Netflix and the other streaming services.

You can get very affordable, reasonably attractive, nice quality digital antennae these days. No rabbit ears!

We cut cable a few months ago and ZERO regrets. Switched from Comcast to CenturyLink 1gig fiber at the same time (cheap AND faster).
Internet Provider
  • 6 days ago

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