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13 days ago
I am looking for a woodworker who can take an old snow ski and cut it to make a picture frame.
What do think about something like this? Looks easy enough to build!
  • 13 days ago
You could check with Jared from Bolt Woodworks I haven't worked with him personally, but he does custom woodwork and even incorporates recycled skateboards into his projects, so I bet he'd have some good ideas.

He was recently highlighted in Seattle Magazine
Cabinetry - Ballard
  • 13 days ago
Thank you!
  • 12 days ago
I asked @sarahward since she used to run Small Run Art. She suggested Annie’s Art and Frame in Ballard and said they might be able to handle it. I haven't used them personally, but they have some interesting (custom) projects on the web site. I also pinged a carpenter friend who promptly asked for a picture. :)
Framing - Ballard
  • 11 days ago
Annie's Art & Frame is GREAT!!! They are definitely my go to frame store. You may also want to check with Erin Guftason of I already mentioned this to her and she said she would love to chat with you and learn more about the project. Thank you @nathan for posting about Bolt Woodworks - I hadn't heard of Jared - his work looks incredible!
Framing - Ballard
Woodworking - Ravenna
  • 5 days ago

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