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6 months ago
Stair treads help in the QA area! I have wooden exterior stairs leading up to my front door that have terrible chipped paint and nail holes that let water seep in. Trying to figure out the right service provider to do the job, which is probably replacing the treads. Is this a carpenter? Deck builder? And if so, any great recs? Thank you!
@Northxnorthwest Do you have any ideas on this?
  • 26 days ago
Thanks Liz, I'm happy to offer some advice. Maria, I am assuming that you have 3-5 stair treads, however even if it is 25 up to a 2nd floor, your concern seems to be their cosmetic appearance , not structural deterioration or rot. If it is structural due to rot then you need a person with carpentry skills. If it's just cosmetics, and just the tops and sides of each tread treated, then you need a painter to sand or strip the paint from the treads. If the paint on the top and sides and landing has failed and the landing is good sized, perhaps soda blast the paint coating off. Once the failing paint has been removed, leaving secure, well adhered paint (or no paint), and it is time to repaint, you need to determine why the original paint peeled. It may have been poor maintenance by previous owners. It may be that moisture is wicking up into the stair treads from the sides and undersides of each tread or up into the stringers where they come in contact with the ground. It is moisture that seeps into the unprotected wood that causes paint coatings to fail and if you prevent that, your paint/stain coating will look good for years with regular (frequent) maintenance. I hope this helps.
  • 26 days ago
Thank you so much @Northxnorthwest for the detailed answer. Very helpful!! It's a cosmetic issue, as far as I can tell, so will start with a painter...looking on freshchalk for one now. (And thank you @Lizprc for the assist :)
  • 26 days ago

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