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People following Andre Palacios

Austin, TX • 259.9k karma
Living in Austin, Texas • Digital + Social Media Marketing + Graphic Design • I love exploring new restaurants, live music, and other Austin spots • IG @Sara.On.Social
Austin, TX • 162.8k karma
Born and raised Texan and Austinite for over 20 years. Mom of 2 who loves all things Austin and what makes it weird and unique. I also love all kinds of beauty products and things that are useful to families.
Miami, FL • 158.1k karma
I'm an entrepreneur at heart, mom of two funny girls and wife to a brave man who puts up with us. I enjoy morning runs and afternoon walks with my girls under the tree canopy of our beautiful city.
Indianapolis, IN • 104.5k karma
Nature girl, gardening, and community connections. Mom of three awesome humans and two big fur babies.
Carmel, IN • 97.0k karma
Mom with a passion for helping my community and making the changes I want to see happen in our world.
Indianapolis, IN • 87.7k karma
Entrepreneur (CEO of InVogue Marketing) specializing in event planning, corporate event staffing and organizational development while also teaching at the local college. Dog-lover who's obsessed with her American Eskimo and Auntie/Bonus Mom to the best kids ever! Love to find small businesses and learn their stories!
Austin, TX • 78.2k karma
Long time Austin resident. Know little bits about lots of stuff. Kid stuff, cooking and baking stuff, elementary school stuff, and stuff stuff.
Marietta, GA • 69.9k karma
Mom of 3 living in the northern suburbs of ATL. I love healthy food, shared meals with friends, and trying new things. And I love to support my favorite local businesses.
Vienna, VA • 60.1k karma
I'm a mom of a toddler who is trying to be eco-friendly. We love good products that help to make my little one more independent. I'm always looking for new recommendations about parks and activities to do with my little one.
Lowell, MA • 47.3k karma
Hi, I'm Kei ("Kay")! I'm a ganjantrepreneur (co-owner of Creatively Cannabis), freelancer, and gypsie. I love to do anything creative. Basically, I'm a super DIY-inista! Happy to suggest on cannabis, art, music, or natural products! Ginger-aholic and low-key foodie.
Miami, FL • 45.1k karma
Miami, FL • 41.0k karma
Creative entrepreneur, sustainable and ecofriendly living mom of two energetic boys that keep me on my toes. Always looking for the next adventure and discovering different ways to enjoy life in the sunny/rainy/rainbow Miami.
Boulder, CO • 35.3k karma
Born in TN and moved to CO last year! Love playing my guitar, drinking beer, and hanging out with friends!
Georgetown, TX • 32.2k karma
New resident of the Austin, Texas area. Enjoy getting to know the communities around me.
Flower Mound, TX • 31.6k karma
Foodie | Amateur Chef | Wine Enthusiast | Traveller | Digital & Social Media Marketer | Mom of 3 fur babies | Wedding Officiant | Outgoing & Kind
Dallas, TX • 28.7k karma
Hello, there! I love sharing recommendations for products and businesses I love, so this site is a dream come true for me. I'm a digital marketer by day and a life coach by night. I have a dog and cat, Willow and Nova, so I'm often buying lots of pet stuff too! Feel free to ask me questions if anything piques your interest :)
Lemont, IL • 27.0k karma
Busy wife + mama of two little dudes + two puppies! Chaos fuels our home! 😉 Work from home for a sports agency & here for all the positive recommendations & to maybe stop reinventing the wheel for just a minute!
Lemont, IL • 26.7k karma
Mom of 3 beautiful kiddos- 1 girl and 2 boys! Work from home for a sports agent and spend all my free time with my kids… love the community in Lemont and trying new things!
Miami, FL • 24.2k karma
Hi welcome to my page! My name is Patricia Burnett and I will be showing you the hot spots here in Miami Florida ! Enjoy the ride!
Miami, FL • 20.7k karma
I speak English. Portuguese. French. Spanish. But love and laughter are my languages of life.
Miami, FL • 17.1k karma
Mama. Sister. Daughter. Friend.
Miami, FL • 11.5k karma
Nature lover, outdoor sports, animal lover. Love discovering new places and things.
New Carlisle, IN • 11.2k karma
In school to be a Veterinary Technician. The more Karma points I get the more extra credit I get. If I follow you please follow back :)
Greenbelt, MD • 11.0k karma
Sports Writer. Narrator. Social Media guy. I'm looking to build a legacy and eat good and love God and my family in process.
Littleton, CO • 9.2k karma
My name is Larry proud representative of Champagne Movers established in 1991 . I have 2 amazing twin girls who are the driving force behind the ultimate goal would be able to to teach my kids that is better to give of yourself than to receive and volunteer when opportunity presents itself .
Dallas, TX • 8.8k karma
I am a lover of good food, good people, and a good time! Dallas has so much to offer, so I am ready to explore!
Indianapolis, IN • 8.0k karma
Downtown living and always looking for the best food spots!
Miami Beach, FL • 7.0k karma
🇻🇪 I design things I’d buy & use 👔 Founder of @alfredlane 🥃 I’ve never had a clean martini ☕️ I also sell tasty whole bean coffee ✈️ Points positive
Cloverdale, IN • 5.8k karma
Wassup, love leaving reviews it's fun, and also I am currently a student at VTI, and the more karma I get here, the more extra credit I get in one of my classes. Follow for Follow :)
Corona, CA • 5.5k karma
I am a certified professional dog groomer. I recently decided to open my own business here in Corona. I have been grooming pets for over 4 years and love what I do and would love to share it with your pet.
Westfield, IN • 4.8k karma
Hey, I’ve lived in different parts of Hamilton country for several years now. It’s a great place to work, live, and explore all the new and exciting things it has to offer.
Los Angeles, CA • 3.7k karma
We are massage therapist with positive thinks to transfer positive energy to serve for all clients.The Rhyme Massage and Wellness Center offers reliable and relaxing massage services in Los Angeles, CA. We are dedicated to providing our clients with a calming environment, safe and effective treatments, and friendly service from experienced massage
Miami, FL • 3.6k karma
Round Rock, TX • 3.5k karma
Miami, FL • 3.2k karma
I am a realtor, wife and mom of three kids. I love to help people find their home and making the process as smooth as possible.
Miami, FL • 3.1k karma
Been there, done that!
Miami, FL • 3.0k karma
education is the future of our children
Dallas, TX • 3.0k karma
On a mission Helping people repair there Credit Introducing them to the great services we offer in all 50 states. Giving them the opportuntiy to learn how to make extra income as well. I love meeting new people and supporting each other. I am also a wife and mother of 3 my family is my world. Everything I do is for them.
Austin, TX • 2.9k karma
My name is Erika Jenkins and I am a native Texan and Austinite. I have been in the sign industry (large format printing) for 10 years. I am a sign nerd at heart and there is nothing more exciting than creating a sign that makes my client just as excited about signs as I am.
Indianapolis, IN • 2.8k karma
Dogs, family and God!
Pembroke Pines, FL • 2.7k karma
Miami, FL • 2.7k karma
Mother of 3. Living in CoconutGrove
Miami, FL • 2.5k karma
Greenwood, IN • 2.5k karma
Dog Mom and Bonus Auntie to amazing kids!!
Indianapolis, IN • 2.5k karma
Fort Lauderdale, FL • 2.1k karma
Dunlap, IL • 1.9k karma
I enjoy reading, shopping, and tub soaking. I am here to support local small businesses
Miami, FL • 1.8k karma
Elkhart, IN • 1.7k karma
Miami, FL • 1.6k karma
peace + love!
Crowley, TX • 1.5k karma
Miami, FL • 1.5k karma
Miami, FL • 1.5k karma
Miami, FL • 1.5k karma
Jacksonville, FL • 1.5k karma
Miami, FL • 1.5k karma
Miami, FL • 1.4k karma
Fort Lauderdale, FL • 1.4k karma
Miami, FL • 1.3k karma
Miami Beach, FL • 1.3k karma
Miami, FL • 1.3k karma
Miami, FL • 1.2k karma
Homestead, FL • 1.1k karma
San Marcos, TX • 1.1k karma
Miami, FL • 1.1k karma
Indianapolis, IN • 1.1k karma
West Palm Beach, FL • 1.1k karma
Miami, FL • 1.1k karma
Miami, FL • 970 karma
Boca Raton, FL • 950 karma
Miami, FL • 950 karma
Miami, FL • 950 karma
Miami, FL • 950 karma
Pompano Beach, FL • 950 karma
Miami, FL • 950 karma
Miami, FL • 920 karma
Miami, FL • 920 karma
Homestead, FL • 900 karma
Miami, FL • 900 karma
Miami, FL • 850 karma
Miami, FL • 770 karma
Mundelein, IL • 770 karma
Jacksonville, FL • 640 karma
Miami, FL • 600 karma
Miami Beach, FL • 575 karma
Hollywood, FL • 570 karma
Fort Lauderdale, FL • 550 karma
Ontario, CA • 525 karma
Champaign, IL • 300 karma
Keller, VA • 250 karma
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