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10 Best Aurora Doctors

  • Victoria Grinde - I was in need of a new "adult doctor" and was given this recommendation from my parents. Dr. Lam is so nice and very detailed.
    Esther Kast - My husband goes to this office. He doesn't see Dr. Lam specifically but he loves every one that he sees at this office. Very professional, not pushy, and they really listen to you and what you have to say.
  • Esther Kast - My husband and I worked at Children's for over 40 years. We have been able to see the hospital change and grow so much. Having kids and grandkids, there isn't another place I would even consider taking my kids emergency or not. The hospital and staff are some of the best in the region/country.
  • 750 Potomac St 111, Aurora
    Jennifer Marthaler - I started seeing Dr. Guillory from the Care Group in 2019 because I felt sick and run down a lot despite being conventionally "healthy". With his help, I started an elimination diet and healed my gut. I have not been sick since. He is a functional medicine Dr and will get to the root cause of whatever is ailing you! I love his unconventional methods, he will be great if you are fed up with overmedicating symptoms rather than truly healing your body.
  • 427 karma
  • 750 Potomac St 111, Aurora
    289 karma
  • 1400 S Potomac St 190, Aurora
    288 karma
  • 11275 East Mississippi Avenue Suite 2W4, Aurora
    158 karma
  • 1501 S Potomac St, Aurora
    134 karma
  • 1400 S Potomac St, Aurora
    133 karma
  • 1675 Ursula St, Aurora
    130 karma


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