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10 Best Austin Groceries

  • 1. H.E.B.
    2400 S Congress Ave, Austin
    Julie Joyce - Their slogan is "No store does more" and that is true. Vey heailvy involed in the Austin community. They donate to the food banks of their area, among many other community programs they participatein. Were very well coordinated during the pandemic and the recent winter storms we had.
    Cindy Hawkins - Love their organic and natural food section! Bulk items too!
    Dagan Martinez-Vargas - Been shopping here for over 20 years. Love how much local stuff they sell now.
    recommended by Pam Biswas, Kimberley Graner
  • 6920 Menchaca Rd, Austin • Cherry Creek
    Dagan Martinez-Vargas - Healthy food market! Don't buy too much since less preservatives, items don't stay fresh as long.
    Damon Garcia - Our go-to for groceries!
  • Austin, Texas
    Sara Marie - The one cake pop that I was able to grab before my teens got to them was delish!

    When it comes to cake, the texture is everything for me and this did not disappoint. We ordered the red velvet ones so would definitely recommend. We also got a couple of hot chocolate bombs: strawberry and a raspberry. They LOVED those too!

    Plus! I didn’t even expect them to be packaged so well. I’ll definitely be ordering again.
    Dylan Armstrong - Delicious handmade chocolate, highly recommend
    Kristina Elmore - As a true lover of chocolate and raised in Switzerland, King’s Chocolates always makes delicious chocolate treats. I am a big fan of the bark and chocolate covered strawberries. You can’t go wrong with anything you order! It always satisfies my chocolate sweet tooth. Also, I love to order chocolate for gifts and parties!
    recommended by Julie King
  • Austin, Texas
    Dagan Martinez-Vargas - We have a bunch of their healthy products. contact my local buddy Michael Caldwell, if you are in the Austin/Central Texas region.
  • 9722 Great Hills Trail 200, Austin • Great Hills
    Kris Leek - Wow what's not to love about TJ's as our family refers to it as. We've lived in so many cities and one requirement is that the city must have a TJ's. So far we have been able to make that happen from LA, OC, NYC, SD, ATL and now ATX. Thank you TJ's
    recommended by Richard Pernavas
  • 4001 S Lamar Blvd, Austin • South Lamar
    De Lacey Martin - I honestly love the Wheatsville Bakery in store.
  • 2917 W Anderson Ln, Austin • Allandale
    tiffany hale - Love my neighborhood grocery!
  • 160 E Riverside Dr, Austin • Travis Heights
    Julie Joyce - A nicer than your average corner market. A good selection of pantry staples, organic options, and food choices from local companies. Some prepared meal options and a nice beer and wine selection.
    recommended by Megan Ruehlman
  • 3414 Lyons Rd, Austin • East Austin
    Liz Stella - This is a wonderful, historic place! Anyone who enjoys the farm to table experience can obtain fresh eggs, meats, dairy, veg, and other produce from this fantastic farm. You can even visit the chickens outside. A cool urban farm that everyone can support.
  • 1718 S Congress Ave, Austin • Travis Heights
    Julie Joyce - The sign says Tiny, but has a nice selection for a small, lovely space. Feels open, airy and well lit.

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